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Twitch Tuesdays: How to enjoy applying for arts grants with Lydia Nicholson

In this workshop, Lydia Nicholson will take you through all her tips and tricks for applying for grants - and how to enjoy the process!

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Hot Desk for Young Writers at TWC

Twitch and the Tasmanian Writers Centre are pleased to announce our inaugural “Hot Desk” Writer-in-Residency program for young writers.

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Tweaking the Truth with Jon Doust

How often have you said, or heard someone say, 'I could never write that story. It would upset too many people'?

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Madi project fundraiser

Support our fundraiser to send books to Sudan!

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A Novel Journey

Get a grasp of the fundamentals and wrangle your manuscript into shape as you take A Novel Journey in 2016.

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Supporting writers to tell powerful stories, connecting with readers and building sustainable careers.

In recognition of the deep history and culture of this island, the Tasmanian Writers Centre  acknowledges the Mouheneenner People, the traditional owners and custodians of the land and we pay our respect to the elders past, present and future.

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