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Omar Musa in the Founders Room

Join Omar Musa, a Malaysian-Australian rapper and poet from Queanbeyan, Australia.

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How to write an opinion column with Van Badham

The Tasmanian Writers Centre is partnering with The Guardian to present a range of high-end masterclasses.

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Character Maps and Models: The Hero’s Journey

Got characters acting 'out of character'? Unsure if they're a tad clichéd or a little less authentic than they could be? Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, organic characters are the pillars of the story form.

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Her Majesty’s Favourite Really Great Graphical Festival

This years festival is filled with exhibitions and openings and talks! We have some WONDERFUL guests and artworks that have been produced for the festival.

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Twitch Tuesdays: How to enjoy applying for arts grants with Lydia Nicholson

In this workshop, Lydia Nicholson will take you through all her tips and tricks for applying for grants - and how to enjoy the process!

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Supporting writers to tell powerful stories, connecting with readers and building sustainable careers.

In recognition of the deep history and culture of this island, the Tasmanian Writers Centre  acknowledges the Mouheneenner People, the traditional owners and custodians of the land and we pay our respect to the elders past, present and future.

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