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Tasmanian Writers Centre


Submissions for the inaugural Erica Bell Mentorship Program have now closed, and judging by the enthusiastic response it looks like the Tasmanian writing scene is livelier than ever.

Almost 30 Tasmanian writers applied to the program, which offers them the chance to work with an established author to discuss and develop their fiction or non-fiction manuscript. Each applicant had to submit the first 10,000 words of their manuscript, along with a letter detailing why they would benefit from a professional mentor.

The Program is being administered by the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre (TWC), which is now working to match writers with mentors. The successful applicants will be announced on September 1st and each will receive 30 hours of their mentor’s time over a 6-month period.

TWC Director Chris Gallagher said, “We’re delighted by the positive response to the inaugural Erica Bell Mentorship Program, which demonstrates both the strength and the diversity of Tasmanian literature. It has been exciting to receive applications from writers at every stage of their careers; some manuscripts have come from writers who have never been published before, while others have come from authors who are already quite well established. Regardless of how long you’ve been writing for, there’s always more to learn!

The program follows the success of the inaugural Erica Bell Foundation Awards, which were established in 2014 and awarded grants of up to $10,000 to celebrate excellence in Tasmanian literature and medical research.

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