The Alchemy of Story #2: Writing the Self

Date and time: 25th February 2018 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Moonah Arts Centre, 23-27 Albert Rd, Moonah Tasmania 7009

About the series:

Each of us is the product of many stories. Some we create ourselves, others we learn from our culture, our society, our family, friends, teachers, filmmakers and authors. Stories form our identity and our opinions; they inhabit our minds, are written on our bodies, imprinted in our hearts and stamped on every cell within us. Stories are our history, and our futures are formed from this history. At their worst, stories can bury themselves deep within our psyches and trap us within their conforming limitations so that we live small and fear-filled lives. But at their best, stories can be revolutionary, helping us to learn how to become true individuals by encouraging us to reach inwards to explore ourselves, and by showing us how to reach out and connect with others.

In these workshops, novelist Dr Rosie Dub, draws on many years of research, as well as her experience as a teacher, writer and editor, to explore the role of stories as maps, helping us to navigate our inward journeys; each journey uniquely individual yet echoing in the footsteps of those who have come before. ‘The Alchemy of Story’ workshops are a multi-faceted exploration of the power within story to transform each of us. In these workshops, we delve deeply into story and explore its underlying patterns. In the process, we identify ways in which writing and reading enables us to find our voice, heal old wounds, let go of the stories we tell ourselves that do not serve us well and rediscover the power of the imagination to reconcile the past with the present and ultimately to create a more hopeful future.

About this session:

Writing the Self: exploring life’s transitions – 25 Feb 2018

The overarching frame of our lives from birth to death is too broad a canvas from which to create meaning, so through story we create smaller frames that make sense of our lesser transitions and turning points, helping us to see the cause and effect at play in our lives and to uncover our purpose. In so doing we reach out and connect our small stories with the big stories, the mythic heroic journeys, and we begin to understand that when we face up to a fear, just like the heroes of old, we too are slaying a dragon.

Incorporating a blend of readings, discussions and creative writing exercises, this workshop is designed to enable us to identify some of the stories that form our identities. During the workshop, we look at transitional points in our lives, seeking to understand their purpose and express them in creative ways. A series of exercises help to clarify the themes that each of us identify with, while further discussions and exercises enable us to understand and identify the major archetypes that are at play in our lives, both in the people around us and within our own psyche.

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