Monsters and Shadows: Exploring the Dark Side of Story

Date and time: 23rd June 2019 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Tasmanian Writers Centre, 24 Davey St, Hobart Tasmania 7000

Learn how to build conflict and suspense into your stories
Explore the passions that drive your characters
Learn how to create a credible Villain

The monstrous is an archetypal theme that has empowered stories across time, and the Villain is an archetypal character who manifests this theme, whether in the form of a blood sucking vampire, a futuristic cyborg, an evil president or simply the shadow aspect of the human psyche.

In this workshop we’ll delve into the Dark Side, drawing on classic and contemporary stories, to explore how the monstrous has been used in narrative to build suspense, create conflict, explore notions of good and evil, define the ‘Other’ and dabble in the socially prohibited. And we’ll have fun creating villainous characters who are nevertheless nuanced and convincing to our readers.

Date: 23rd June
Time: 10am-4pm
Cost: $160 or $120 TWC members/concession

For Bookings and more information:

Phone Neil Cameron: 0418-733-551
Email: or

*Please note that while TWC is supporting and hosting this event, the ticketing is being managed by the presenters. 

Dr Neil Cameron is an international theatre director and writer who has used myth and archetype to power his productions. He is an expert on why stories work in the way they do and believes that when writers have understood the history and dynamics of story they can radically empower their work. Centre For Creative Communities

Dr Rosie Dub is a novelist, mentor, teacher and editor whose primary research interest is in the role of stories as powerful transformational tools for individuals and cultures. For more information about Rosie or