Time Travel: The Art of the Flashback with Rosie Dub

Date and time: 21st June 2020 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Whether you’re writing fiction or creative non-fiction, working with short stories, full length novels or screen plays, flashbacks are a commonly used technical device. They provide crucial backstory about the plot and characters, as well as ease the monotony of a linear story structure. A flashback can be written as a full scene, a partial scene or simply as a quick summary of a memory. It can be a hint of something to add texture and help build a nuanced character or it can be a major thread in a story.

Through discussions, readings and writing exercises, in this workshop we’ll explore what flashbacks add to a story and when they are needed. We’ll also look at techniques to seamlessly weave flashbacks into our stories in ways that enrich our plots and deepen our characters.

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