Management Committee


Sue has extensive experience as an Information Technology professional working in various areas, such as mining, insurance, manufacturing, government and education, both in Australia and overseas.  Her specialist areas include Information Security, Project Management, Risk Management, Business Continuity, Business Analysis and Methodologies, both as an industry practitioner and as an academic.

She has a MSc in Computer Science and commenced a MA in English to improve her writing.  However, she was asked to take over as Director of a major industry project and was unable to complete that degree. In spite of that, Sue had a short piece selected for broadcast on ABC Radio National and subsequently published as part of the associated collection of writing. Currently, writing the first book of what will hopefully become a fiction series and researching for a non-fiction book about a secret military operation of WW2.

Over the years Sue has served in a number of voluntary roles in Western Australia such as Deputy Chair of a Child Care Centre Management Committee, member of various school and University committees, ten years as a Girl Guide Leader and Regional Junior Leader Coordinator. Sue moved to Tasmania in 2013.


James and his family moved to Tasmania from their farm in northern NSW in late 2016. Prior to these twenty years of growing pecan nuts and coffee, he worked in Sydney as a computer programmer, barista, recruitment agent and barman, the latter to support him as he completed an Honours degree in History at the University of NSW in 1981. If pressed, he would always admit to being a writer at heart. He has had several travel articles published in the Weekend Australian and Country Living magazine. Now that he is no longer picking nuts, roasting coffee and maintaining a hundred acres of farmland, he is working on his first novel and hopes to contribute as much as possible to keeping the Tasmanian Writers Centre alive and well.


Cary Lenehan is a former trades assistant, soldier, public servant, cab driver, truck driver, game designer, fishmonger, trainee horticulturalist and university tutor – among other things. His hobbies include collecting and reading books (the non-fiction are Dewey decimalised), Tasmanian native plants (particularly the edible ones), the SCA and gaming. He has taught people how to use everything from short swords to rocket launchers. He met his wife at an SF Convention while cosplaying and they have not looked back. He was born in Sydney before marrying and moving to the Snowy Mountains where they started their family. They moved to Tasmania for the warmer winters and are not likely to ever leave it. Looking out of the window beside Cary’s computer is a sweeping view of Mount Wellington and its range.

There are eight novels in Cary’s Warriors of Vhast series, all signed to a publisher. Seven are already written. All of the shorter stories are set in the same world and add character background to the main characters or tell side stories that do not affect the main plot. A short story, or half a novella is released every month.


Kate was originally from country NSW, growing up on a sheep property. She spent about 20 years as a print journalist, working mostly on country newspapers. She followed that with a brief stint in public relations, promoting Brisbane and environs, then the Brisbane Royal Show as a media liaison officer. She went to University later in life, getting her Bachelor of Arts (2013) then a Master of Professional Practice (Creative Writing) at the University of the Sunshine Coast, near Brisbane (2017). Currently, she is doing English Honours part-time at UTAS. After coming to Tassie for many years (starting in the ’80s) as a visitor, Kate arrived in February to live here as a resident. Her main interests are History and English. She is writing a book about her great-great-grandfather, a master mariner who arrived in Australia aboard his own ship in 1826. She is excited to be a part of TWC’s new adventure.


The author of three novels, three oral history collections and numerous articles, short stories and reviews, Robyn is a highly experienced tutor, manuscript assessor and mentor. She has run courses and master classes for new, emergent and practising writers in Northern Tasmania since 2002, and as the recipient of a number of residences here and internationally, she has taught all aspects of writing from beginners to post graduate, across many cultures and communities. Previously State Literature Officer and a past peer of the Australia Council and Arts Tasmania, she has administrative skills, experience in project management, submission and report writing, and a knowledge of funding issues. A founder member of the TWC, Robyn has an understanding of the background to, and rise of, writers centres across Australia. Nominated for and Alice Award for services to writers and writing in 2016, she is a Life Member of the TWC. Robyn is a current member of Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Australian and New Zealand Cultural Studies, published by the University of Himachal Pradesh where she has an association as a speaker and lecturer.


Extensive experience in compiling, administering and acquitting submissions and grant applications, in working with a range of Arts and Educational bodies, administering programs, projects and courses; management skills in creative and educational arenas; experienced in effective board membership and meeting and administrative procedures, including facilitation of meetings, minute taking, report writing etc; experienced in cross cultural and multicultural projects, working with volunteers, creating programs, teaching writing courses, lecturing and presenting papers in formal and informal situations; long-term knowledge of the Tasmanian literary sector (also a multi-published, award-winning writer), wide experience in supporting and mentoring emerging writers, in compiling, collating, editing anthologies and in working across a broad spectrum of society – across or within age, race and gender boundaries.


Chris is an experienced web and mobile developer who has previously worked in a web analytics and content development role. He works closely with clients to develop websites and applications, and make recommendations for their future improvement.

Chris is a fantasy and science fiction writer with two short stories published and a number of books, for both adults and children, at various stages of completion. While his passion for history and mythology underpins much of his writing, Chris also has a keen interest in technology—particularly the new storytelling opportunities it presents. In exploring these opportunities, Chris has written the script for an indy VR game and a pilot for a YouTube machinima series.